Hypar dwelling

Hypar dwellings with a wooden frame

  • Ecological houses on wooden structure, contain in their shape a real or virtual pyramid.

  • The houses have roofs made of hyperbolic paraboloids, also called hypars.

  • A hypar is considered as a spatial leg, which generates a virtual edge.

  • Several hypars form a virtual pyramid out of the roof, in which a ‘gravity cone’ (based on the polygonal outline of the building) is inscribed.

  • The resulting shape increases interior comfort through double curvature shapes and the resistance of the house to vertical and especially horizontal stresses (wind, earthquake, etc.).

Below are some architectural examples of houses with a hypar roof, in combination or not with flat surfaces.

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EFB1 – 72sqm-90sqm footprint 6m/6m-7m/7m


EFB2- from 110sqm-180sqm, footprint from 7m/7m to 9m/9m

EFB3- from 140sqm-210sqm, footprint from 10m/10m to 12m/12m

EFB4 120sqm-340sqm duplex from 12m/12m to 14m/14m

EFB5 120-210 from 6m/10m-8/12


Projects are tailored according to customer needs

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Example project and execution : Group of location of the pension Peștera.
In order: restaurant, gym, and accommodation rooms



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