Sintolam SC 600

Sintolam SC 600 – Sintolam machinery EPS ETIC insulating panels

The new Sintolam SC-600 is an innovative machinery to produce EPS ETICS insulating panels. The new technology allows us to sintherize panels which are ready to be shipped few hours after the production.

The special production process allows to syntherize the EPS Panels continuously, without interruptions.
The finished panel is produced in theĀ desired thickness, between 80 and 240 mm, and with the width of 500 or 600 mm,Ā and can beĀ packaged and shipped within 24 hours.
The Sintolam SC-600 can syntherize in one step EPS panels withĀ 2 different densities and 2 different colors.
The production process is in continuous and guarantees anĀ average production of 22-25 m3/h.Ā 
The final panels are cut at the desired length of 100 or 120 cm and then stacked, ready to be wrapped and palletized.

Continuous System Machinery

  • Fast curing: < 24 h.
  • EPS Panels come out finished and packaged.
  • Possibility to haveĀ double color.
  • Possibility to haveĀ double density.
  • Textured surfaceĀ for better adherence of the finisher.
  • Fully automated line up to the packaged product.
  • Finished products with a higher market value.