CE-Estival is a modular, luxurious construction, closed to transport in a module of 6.05m x 2.5m =14.9 sqm with h=2.9m and on site, it extends to 45sqm. It can be placed in any location preferred by the client, where a temporary parking permit is obtained.

Two modules can be transported on a lorry platform, handled by a 6t car-grue or, on request, can be designed from scratch on an approved trailer chassis, becoming an extendable caravan, which can be towed by a more powerful car, by a driver with a minimum category B2 licence.

Naturally, the weight reduction and the provision of independent utility systems bring additional costs that are at the discretion of the customer. This type of caravan can be built with a maximum surface area of 45 m2.

CEEstival-extended to 45sqm and ready for transport 14.8sqm

EEC-example of the panoramic facade view.

EEC-example of view from central living room with kitchen alcove.


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