Panel Production Line

The production of the panels necessary for the construction with the PLASTBAU ® system is realized with specific machinery which can be sized based on the construction needs. We have the necessary skills and experience to create a Turn-Key Plant to our clients. The EPS panels are made by a continuous moulding process and, when required, the integration with metal elements is realized in line. Through this system, it’s possible to produce external walls, partitions, and floors of great flow and span. The PLASTBAU ®process plants, specifically designed for the production of such (reinforced or non-reinforced) EPS thermo-insulating building elements, normally consist of:

1. Utilities department (for the supplying of the process fluids to the main machinery: steam, water, compressed air).

2. Pre-expansion department (for the pre-expansion of the expandable polystyrene, the recycling of EPS wastes and the feeding of the forming machines)

3. The EPS processing department (for the production of reinforced/non reinforced EPS formworks and panels).

4. The steel working department (to produce the reinforcing metallic cages for the PLASTBAU® 3, PLASTBAU® 5, PLASTBAU® 6 and the punching of the zinc coated sheets-steel for the PLASTBAU®METAL and PLASTBAU®SIP).