The PLASTBAU® construction system Production Line

Anteprix Consulting : Infinite Innovation

Anteprix Consulting’s adventure began in 2005, our company specializes in providing best-in-class solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our company has two main divisions: the technical consulting division and the business management consulting division.
Our technical consulting division is dedicated to providing comprehensive services that help optimize construction site safety and security, technical construction management and general contracting services. Our team of experts ensures that your construction projects are effectively managed and optimized, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. We are also proud to be a promoter of passive buildings, selling our customers Plastbau System® production lines and highly efficient heat pumps, proudly produced in Romania.
Since 2006 we have integrated in our offer innovative solutions for your business such as Plastbau® Building System, the Swiss system used to obtain energy efficient buildings with minimum costs for developers or contractors and which successfully meets your needs in the context of the shortage of skilled labour in the market.

The PLASTBAU® construction system, is the registered brand name and a internationally patented Swiss technology, sience 1979.

The aim was offering the market an innovative and top-quality product for the construction industry. The focus of the PLASTBAU® system is to build with high-quality standards but with lower costs, shorter time and more easily compared to other construction systems. It consists of:

1. A technology for the industrial production of thermally and acoustically insulating, reinforced, stay in-place formworks for the construction industry, using “Flame Retardant” grade Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

2. By means of the above described insulating formworks, a constructive system which represents the most powerful, complete and versatile method available for constructing reinforced concrete monolithic buildings, with incorporated thermal and acoustic insulation, in any size and form, from cottages to villas, from town-houses to large apartment buildings, from hotels to shopping malls and factories and also for the renovation and consolidation of old buildings because can be easily integrated with other construction systems.

Money Value

  • Elimination of overuse of steel and concrete.
  • Elimination of beam and pillar wood formworks.
  • Overall construction costs cut off by 30%.

Construction Speed

  • The strong reduction of propping, due to the self-supporting capability, and the lightness of the PLASTBAU® elements reduce the construction time by 40%.

Smart Building

  • The finishing of both internal and external facade is easy and can be done with any commonly available material/finisher on the market.
  • Easy to integrate with plumbing and electrical works.


  • Excellent high thermal-insulation, with great U-values, allows to reduce energetic consumption by 50%, saving money and the eco-sustainability.

Structural Properties

  • Anti-seismic, anticyclonic and fire resistant up to 180′ are just some of the structural properties of the PLASTBAU® System.

Green Building

PLASTBAU® System allows to build perfectly insulated buildings. It’s the top Green Technology with low construction and production costs.


Our innovative technology adapts to every country’s needs. Restrictive laws, pollution limits, earthquake resistance are part of our everyday challenges.

Our top quality (category A+) insulating material are perfect for every climate, even extreme ones and seismic zones. With PLASTBAU® you can build passive and minergie houses with almost zero energy.

Know How

The heritage of skills, experiences and innovation that form a professional path paved with concrete results and successes over more than 50 years.

Money Value

Fast, excellent thermal insulation and construction’s simplicity which gives value to the investment. Top quality buildings that lasts and rises over time.

Innovative Technology

The PLASTBAU® Technology allows to develop new, low price and top quality products for insulation and green building.


Our most versatile PLASTBAU® Product, can be used as wall, floor, partition wall and roof and is suitable for every kind of buildings.


Our machinery can be adjusted to every clients need. Width, length and thickness can be adjusted to the project. Colour and brand can also be imprinted on the products.



The system also provides a careful assistance for the start-up, maintenance and technological updating of its machines and plants. The products are extremely user-friendly and assure the best results as far as quality and cost- effectiveness are concerned.

In 1979 PLASTBAU® system was invented ansd also the machine for the moulding of continuous EPS elements reinforced with metallic parts. Since then, the R&D Department, is always working to find new technologies and new solution to be a pioneer of the building market.

PLASTBAU® system in the world

  • 55 Unique Patents
  • 61 Years of Experience
  • 300+ Machinery Around the World
  • 10,000+ Buildings

Panel Production Line

The production of the panels necessary for the construction with the PLASTBAU ® system is realized with specific machinery which can be sized based on the construction needs.

We provide the necessary skills and experience to create a Turn-Key Plant to our clients.

The EPS panels are made by a continuous molding process and, when required, the integration with metal elements is realized in line.

Through this system, it’s possible to produce external walls, partitions, and floors of great flow and span. The PLASTBAU ®process plants, specifically designed for the production of such (reinforced or non-reinforced) EPS thermo-insulating building elements, normally consist of:

  1. Utilities department (for the supplying of the process fluids to the main machinery: steam, water, compressed air).
  2. Pre-expansion department (for the pre-expansion of the expandable polystyrene, the recycling of EPS wastes and the feeding of the forming machines)
  3. The EPS processing department (for the production of reinforced/non reinforced EPS formworks and panels).
  4. The steel working department (to produce the reinforcing metallic cages for the PLASTBAU® 3, PLASTBAU® 5and the punching of the zinc coated sheets-steel for the PLASTBAU®METALand PLASTBAU®SIP).