Continuous/Discontinuous System and the Continuous System

Machinery & technology for the building industry

Moulding Phase

Continuous / Discontinuous moulding process is the PLASTBAU® System. The Technology applied to this Production Line allow to produce continuous PLASTBAU® products with a discontinuous moulding process. In this section we have:

H-Series: is our most complex and complete production line. With its characteristics to integrate steel elements into the EPS can be used to produce every PLASTBAU ® building products, creating those manufactured with a continuous-discontinuous process.
D-Series: is a smaller standard machinery compared to the H-Series, it moulds vertically the EPS to create ETICS panels and deck panels.

Metal intserts

The production process is fully automatic. Up to 4 metal coils can be loaded on reels, those metal inserts are perforated to allow perfect integration with the EPS during the synterization process.
The metal strips are also driven through a roll-forming machine, to be profiled in C-shape studs, that are inserted in continuous into the mould.

Continuous Moulding

The moulded element comes out of the mould in steps of 2 m, perfectly fused one to the other.
In the end, a cutting machine will automatically move to the position needed for the production of the panel at the pre-set length.