Heating pump Water Water Ground 12KW

Water-Water-Ground Heat Pump 12KW (Single-phase/Tri-phase)

Model – AAS 12KW MT

Covers the needs for a surface between : 80-120 sqm

Why our heat pumps are the best sellers on the market :

– The only air-to-water heat pumps with up to 5 years full warranty

– Best value for money, unbeatable prices

– The first heat pumps that do not stop during defrosting but provide heat continuously.

– Best performance compared to the competition

– The first and only pumps on the market built from individual modules (multimodules) that work in cascade.

– The first and only pumps on the market using the Ultimateflex heat exchanger with up to 5 independent channels.

Our heat pumps are powered at 230V or 380V, stable and uninterruptible power supply, protected with grounding and in case the variation of the power supply voltage is more than +/-3% a voltage stabilizer will be installed.

Our ground-to-ground water-to-water heat pumps are equipped with scroll compressors with capacities from 8 KW thermal to industrial.

Our heat pumps are made to order and other types of heat pumps with different power ratings can be produced in addition to those currently on offer.

COP – maximum under ideal conditions, i.e. the temperature of the groundwater should be as high as possible (10-15Ā°C) and the temperature of the water in the heating system (in the floor) should be as low as possible (35-40Ā°C).

The temperature in the heating system can be as high as 60 Ā°C.

The water-to-water heat pump model CONFORT (CURENT SINGLE PHASE) can have a maximum of 22kw thermal.

Water-to-water heat pump model CLASIC (CURENT SINGLE PHASE) can have maximum 14kw thermal.

Our heat pumps can be soundproofed (soundproofed) on request so that the noise produced by them is no greater than the noise produced by a refrigerator.



C.O.P. [W/W] compressor


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